Jiangmen carton factory explains how the strength of corrugated box increases?

2019-12-20 561

  When we buy corrugated boxes, we hope that the higher the strength is, the better the strength is. Generally, the manufacturer will add the strength of corrugated boxes appropriately in the following three aspects.

  1、 Reasonable planning of carton length, width, high scale and share

  Many data analysis shows that the compressive strength of the carton is related to the perimeter, height and length width ratio of the carton. The longer the circumference of the carton is, the higher the compressive strength is. There is a certain conversion connection between the circumference of the carton and the compressive strength.

  Generally speaking, the length width ratio of the carton is in the range of 1-1.8, and the effect of the length width ratio on the compressive strength is only ± 5%. When the length width ratio RL = 1.2 ~ 1.5, the compression value of the carton is the highest. When the length width ratio of the carton is 2:1, the compressive strength will decrease by about 20%. Therefore, the length width ratio of the planned carton should not exceed 2, otherwise, it will result in cost waste.

  2、 Reasonable stacking time and method

  ① The compressive strength of cartons decreases with the extension of stacking time, which is called fatigue phenomenon. The test shows that under the action of long-term load, the compressive strength of the carton will decrease by 30% in one month, and only 50% of the initial value after one year. In the planning of carton material, the safety factor should be improved for cartons with long convection time.

  ② The stacking method of cartons also affects the compressive strength of cartons. The pressure received in the direction of the vertical pit of the carton greatly exceeds the direction of the cross pit. When stacking the cartons, the direction of the vertical pit shall be adhered to. From the test results, the highest pressure is accepted at the corner of the carton. The farther away from the corner, the lower the bearing pressure is. Therefore, when stacking cartons, it is necessary to stick to the alignment and stacking of box corners.

  There are three common ways to stack cartons: brick type, up and down parallel type and windmill type. Among these three methods, the up and down parallel stacking is most reasonable because it is beneficial to insist on the full compression of the box angle. Brick type and windmill type shall be prevented as far as possible.

  3、 Reasonable use of carton opening method

  Some cartons have vent holes, hand-held holes, etc., which will also have a serious impact on the compression resistance of cartons. The test shows that the larger the opening is, the greater the loss of compressive strength is; the closer the opening is to the top and bottom, the farther it is to the left and right of the center, the lower the compressive strength is; the smaller the loss of compressive strength is, the smaller the symmetrical opening is.

  Generally speaking, the compressive strength of the cartons will be reduced by 20% by one hand on each side, and 30% by one hand on each side and on the front. Some factories stick a layer of strengthening card on the opening part of the inner wall of the carton, which can not only reduce the impact of opening on the compressive strength, but also prevent the hand-held part from breaking when it is stressed, which can be described as "killing two birds with one stone".

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