Jiangmen carton factory analyzes the cause of carton softening and its solution

2019-12-20 659

  1. Climate factors, humid climate of Meiyu and high environmental humidity will lead to carton softening. It is suggested to deal with this problem from the carton storage environment.

  2. The raw materials of the carton itself are poor. The raw materials of the base paper and the corrugated board are poor. The carton and the board are naturally slightly softened by simply absorbing water. In this way, the pit paper with high strength and high quality is generally replaced. Now there is a pit paper containing waterproof agent, which can be used to reduce the softening of some cartons.

  3. For the improvement of production process, we usually add waterproof agent to the cartons, and the production line will do preheating, sizing, drying and other processes. And in the paste making time to increase the content of sand skipping, to participate in waterproof additives, useful to reduce the probability of carton back to soft.

  4. The storage environment is also a very important factor. Generally, cartons are stored in ventilated, dry warehouse on the ground, and are maintained with winding film. And our floor also uses wooden pad, because wooden pad can absorb part of the moisture on the ground. And the storage environment should be more ventilation to let the air flow, so that it can be useful to drop the carton back to soft phenomenon.

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