What is the standard explanation of Jiangmen card board factory?

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  In practice, the most embarrassing titles are more standard and not recognized and promoted. This kind of sign is very extensive, which shows the current situation of wood standardization treatment in China. Ding Junfa, President of China wood box Purchasing Association, talks about this topic, constraining the growth of China's wood industry. Many factors, systematic block is the key factor, which is reflected in the State Council of block disintegration, disintegration and regional disintegration under the sustained planning economic system. Supply chain processing information network system, wood resource integration, and most of these resources are not fully into the mall, which are handled by the authorities at all levels. Another principle block is the planning situation of "big and complete" and "small and complete" enterprises, and the social specialization required by the market economy, but now the process of laxity is very dull. Many workshops rely on their own warehouses and motorcades, with low utilization rate, high transportation cost and high damage rate, which is a systematic block. In addition, the shortage of wood talents and the growth of diversified investment conditions also restrict the growth of wood mold in China.

  Partial disintegration is the title to be dealt with, because the systematic block of resource processing directly leads to the card on the back of standardized processing. Of course, the executive part of the national standard is the AQSIQ, but because of the working standard of wood work, it will meet with the most hungry standardization Skills Committee. For example, the centralized processing unit of bar code standard is the article coding center of China, the scientific research department of the Research Institute of container standard skills, and the centralized processing unit of tray standard skills is the Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of railways. When these standards reach the same level, it is necessary to adjust them. The condensation force is very difficult. After the annual meeting of six Shanghai boards, the work association and the skill supervision department promoted some huge movements. According to Zhang Chenghai, director of China's article coding center, our supply chain process processing and control standardization Skills Committee is in the process of being seriously prepared. The Secretariat is located in China's wood coding center, only the effect is a growing standardization processing and operation, and the skill standard is completed to the greatest extent. In addition to the title of the processing system, there is also a serious reason for the lack of standards in the development of shopping malls. In a market economy, skill standards are usually natural from the needs of industry. Li Jianhui, the skill Department of China's item coding center, introduced that Singapore has its own card standard. In the competition with foreign pallet leasing companies, local professional card companies gradually form a scale, and the happiness in the working Association and the standards committee finally forms its own card standard. In China, the demand of shopping malls is lack to form scale, treasure, Haier, some large enterprises, many of which are small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in the transformation of card board from traditional industry. Of course, the innovation of enterprise name, but the planning concept and model are still outdated. Because a wide range of standards depend on the growth of the industry, it is obviously difficult to implement wood standards in these enterprises. Some people think that the title that administrative ability can deal with, wood standard promotion, but the accident is not simple, there is no market-based standard can only be a mirage, the real rights need to come from the market itself. In this sense, the standard of construction timber has the purpose of cooperation.  With the growth of science and technology, some illegal businesses began to produce failing card boards. Packaging card boards are the transportation things needed by food, building materials and hardware industries. Therefore, when purchasing non fumigation card boards, the quality title must not be ignored, not only for self-control. Here are some suggestions:

  1. The printing picture of the card board box shall be clear and accurate, equal in depth and depth, and accurate in Organization (the overprinter error category is 1mm). The printing ink is not allowed to show the sign of ink loss. There shall be no mistake, misprint, missing print, reprint of the remaining printing picture and handwriting. There shall be no more than 5 white leakage signs within the size of 1mm1mm in each box. If there are any remaining printing ink signs, the size of 1mm1mm in each box on the front of the box shall be no more than 5 There shall be no more than 5 places in the box, and no more than 5 places in the size of 2mm2mm of each box on the side of the pallet box. The barcode is necessary to be recognizable.

  2. The appearance of card board box is not allowed to have any damage and stain, no rust, peeling, crazing and other paper defects. The paper in the box is not allowed to have sensory defects such as splicing, lack of material, exposed edge, crease, glue penetration, color difference, etc. The paper whiteness and paper materials of the same batch of products need to be equal. The UV layer on the UV card board surface paper of pre printing and offset printing is allowed to have light and fine cracks Signs of slag loss.

  3. The adhesive for the pallet box is corn starch glue, and the glue should be evenly coated, abundant and free of overflow. It is necessary to make the bonding neat, firm and two pieces aligned. The upper and lower left and right dislocations of the non fumigation tray shall not be more than 2mm, and there is no sign of mutual adhesion between the box body and the box body.

  4. The width of the indentation line of the card board box body shall not be greater than 12mm, the broken line shall be in the middle, and there shall be no cracks, broken lines, heavy lines and other remaining indentation lines and defects affecting the sensory fold. Domestic card packaging: making respective wooden board packaging box, plywood packaging box, mold card board, flower shelf card board and other card board packaging.

  1. Learning, digesting and absorbing the experience, methods and methods of developed countries in formulating and implementing the board / pallet standards

  Developed countries have made a long-term exploration and efforts in the formulation, implementation, supervision and revision of pallet / pallet standards, and achieved fruitful results. Many of their success and failure experiences, methods, methods, etc. are valuable assets for the formulation, implementation and supervision of the board / pallet standards. Our country should first strengthen the research on these aspects of developed countries, so as to make our work at a high starting point. All pallet / pallet factories shall actively select personnel and organize special organizations to coordinate, plan and handle pallet / pallet standard operation harmoniously. It is necessary for the government to organize and work harmoniously because the pallet / pallet almost involves all kinds of work. It is impossible to achieve the goal only by relying on single work or single behavior of pallet / pallet factory. In the experience of developed countries abroad, this is an important one.

  2. Draw lessons from the developed countries' pallet / pallet standards to complete the pallet / pallet standards in China

  Developed countries not only study the experience, method and method needs in drafting, organizing implementation and supervising revision of the card board / pallet standard, but also for the purpose of learning for application, so as to finally form the card board / pallet standard with Chinese characteristics and in line with international general standards. The standards implemented in many developed countries are likely to gradually evolve into international standards. Therefore, studying, digesting and absorbing their standard systems and contents is the most effective way to ensure that China's card / tray standards are in line with international standards. The government, work and pallet / pallet factories should strengthen the research on the existing pallet / pallet standards in developed countries, and follow their development trend, so as to revise the pallet / pallet standards in China in time.

  3 establish the corresponding government card board / pallet standards, implementation and Supervision Center

  As mentioned before, pallet / pallet standard operation is an operation that the government, work and pallet / pallet factory work together to complete. However, it is necessary for the government to establish, implement and supervise the establishment, implementation and supervision of this standard. Only in this way can we ensure that the standard operation of the pallet / pallet can be opened smoothly, effectively and orderly.

  4. Improve the awareness of the importance of pallet / pallet factory to the standard operation of pallet / pallet by means of enforcement, extensive publicity, etc

  The current standard operation of pallets / pallets in China is relatively backward and slow to open. Even after some large international companies come to China, they have not completed the system of pallets / pallets for quite a long time, which leads to problems such as hard to guarantee the delivery time and severe damage of goods. Therefore, in order to comprehensively and deeply promote the standard operation of pallet / pallet, on the one hand, it is necessary to enforce it from the perspective of work laws and regulations. Together, it is more important to carry out extensive publicity and education. Only when they deeply understand the benefits and benefits brought to them by the pallet / pallet standard, can they more consciously abide by and implement it, and the talent of pallet / pallet standard operation develops steadily.

  5. Accelerate the production of standard information network channel and connotation of card / tray

  Modern pallet / pallet standard operation cannot do without information. It is necessary to establish a pallet / pallet standard information network channel throughout the country or even around the world. Only by completing the seamless link between pallet / pallet factories, work, countries and between pallet / pallet factories and work, work and countries, can the globalization project of pallet / pallet standards be completed. It is imperative for our government to build this information channel and complete the sharing of information between domestic card board / pallet factories and work and standard operation of government card board / pallet.

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